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So you’ve chosen your destination and booked your flights, now you have to decide where to stay. When choosing a place to stay for your holiday, you will have to ask yourself several questions before picking the most appropriate place. We have created a few points to help you with your booking.


Hotel, Hostel, Apartment or Villa?

The type of accommodation you choose for your holiday will depend on how many people you are going with, how long you plan to stay and how you will be using your accommodation.

Villa’s and Apartments are convenient if you are planning to self-cater for your holiday, they are more spacious, and if travelling as a big group, they allow you to have your private space.

Hotels are the most common choice of tourist accommodation. With star ratings it allows the consumer to know what standards to expect. You will find a variety of options here from spas, resorts & b&bs.

Hostels are the most cost-effective places to stay. They are often overlooked, but there are many hostels out there who provide a good standard of accommodation. They offer an informal environment and can be a very sociable choice for your stay.

We recommend considering apartments or villas if you plan to stay for five nights or longer and are in a larger group. Hotels are more convenient for short stays in smaller groups or solo travellers. With many hotel chains, you can choose a standardised option if you prefer. Hostels are a versatile form of accommodation, but you will sacrifice your privacy. If you are considering a hostel find out if they have a locker system, as you will be sharing with other guests taking care of your personal belongings will be on top of your agenda.


Choosing the correct place to stay at, can do wonders for your holiday. City centre hotels may seem expensive, but they will save you money as you will be within walking distance or a short cab journey from the places of interest. Hotels may exaggerate about their location, the best way to validate their claims is to check on google maps and read customer reviews on websites such as trip advisor. Choose your location according to your desired activities.


Before booking your accommodation check what value you will be receiving from them. The level of service you require will depend on what type holiday you wish to have. If you plan for a relaxed break look for spa hotels and resorts which include things like swimming pools, gyms and onsite activities. If you only require somewhere to sleep at night, you do not have to spend more for amenities that you won’t be using.


Booking a place to stay is usually the most significant expenditure related to your holiday, saving here will allow you more spending money for the actual holiday. With websites like Expedia and offering the same rooms at different rates, it can get confusing. Using The Holiday Hype search engines to compare all these websites at once is the most powerful tool you can use to know that you are getting the most competitive deals for your accommodation.

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