What To Consider When Booking Flights

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When planning your holiday, you will have to decide on how you will reach your desired destination. The majority of the time you will be required to book flights. Although it may seem like a straightforward task, there are a few points to consider for smooth flying. 


So you’ve decided which city you would like to explore, now you must find a convenient airport to arrive at and commence your holiday. When choosing an arrival airport, there are a few stumbling blocks you that you should know
  • Travelling to a multi-airport city, you must be careful of misleading airport names, such as London Gatwick which is 50 miles away from city centre and Paris-Vatry airport which is over 150 miles away from its city centre. Fares to these ports may seem to be of good value, but the transit into the city is likely to offset any savings made. A Google maps search will dismiss any uncertainties.
  • When selecting your airport, in the search-bars always make sure you have not made any typo errors. These instances are rare, but they can be costly, a simple example would be you want to visit Grenada in the Caribbean, but you rushed the booking process and ended up selecting Granada, Spain.


This is only a concern if you do not want to pay over the odds for your flight tickets. There are several ways you can save money while booking your flights, here are a few:

  • Use comparison websites such as http://www.theholidayhype.com to get the best deals.
  • Travel in low season, what we mean by this is, avoid going to destinations where you know a lot of people will be going to during that time frame, so this could be during festive seasons or just before school holidays as flight prices are significantly higher during this period.
  • If possible be flexible with your dates, even a days difference can mean huge savings on flights, as a general rule of thumb weekends usually cost more but always check.
  • If you are planning a long haul journey, check for indirect flights.
  • To avoid check-in baggage costs you can wear your luggage; there are specially designed luggage jackets available which mean you will avoid any excess baggage cost by wearing your belongings.
  • Try searching for one-way tickets rather than return only.    

Airline Carrier

When choosing your carrier, budget airlines such as Easy jet and Ryan air will provide you with the most competitive prices.However you will get a  lower flying experience, you will not receive any in-flight entertainment or complimentary food, and if you decide to get any extras like check-in baggage, your budget airline will no longer be on a budget. Reputable airlines will cost you more, but you will have better flying experience. Also, you will have the option to pay extra for upgrades into business or first class.

We recommend if you are travelling on a short-haul flight (1-3 hours) and do not require any extras, go for a budget airline. Anything longer than a 3-hour flight its worth considering paying a little extra for a reputable carrier to receive more value for your money.

Travel Insurance and Passport 

Travel Insurance can easily be overlooked, if you are not insured, it is always better to be safe than sorry. When choosing your cover always read the terms and look out for ‘add booking insurance’ this will protect you against any unforeseen circumstances with cancelling your flight.

Always check what the Passport requirements are for your destination, most countries require you to have six months validity from the date of departure, and you could get denied at immigration if this is not the case. Also, make sure you have the correct visa for the country you plan to visit. If you have a connecting flight, check if you will require a transit visa.



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